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Film Review: 3:34 Earthquake in Chile

The time 3:34 AM is fixed in the mind of Chileans for that is the time on February 27 when the Great Earthquake of 2010 rocked the country.  The jolt was so severe that is shifted [...]

Pirated Videos and Online Movies

Here in Chile pirated films with the imprimatur “Property of Weinstein Brothers do not Duplicate” appear on the street as quickly as they appear in theaters in the USA. You could see “The Black Swan” (Cisne [...]

The Black Sands of Pichilemu

East of Santiago are the white sand beaches of Viña del Mar. With its music festival and casino Viña is a big city, so if you want to avoid crowds go further north to Quintero. But [...]

Me and My Expatriate Amazon Kindle

When I came to Chile I brought two suitcases with me. One contained my best clothes to wear at the office since I thought I might have to wear a tie which I don’t. The other [...]

Coffee with Legs (Café con Piernas)

There are all kinds of coffee shops here in Santiago. Of course Starbucks is as omnipresent here as it is in the USA. Patrons in upscale neighborhood of Providencia and the glitzy malls in Las Condes [...]

The Spanish keyboard

I am working as an engineer here in Santiago, Chile in the software industry. Even though I can only understand about 30% of what my co-workers say in their rapid-fire Spanish I can understand every word [...]