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How to Find work in Chile

Note: If you are going to Chile, you should take a look at this Chile Earthquake app, as the ground is liable to be rumbling under your feet. Some people have asked me how to find [...]

Could the Mexican War on Drugs Spread to Chile?

Here in Chile HBO is showing a new made-in-Chile production called “Profúgos” ( meaning “fugitives”).  The opening episode showed a gun battle between this group of narcotraficantes and the PDI police in the port of Valparaiso. [...]

Why I Got Rid of FaceBook

Here is my view on FaceBook.  Last night I watched again the film “The Social Contract” about the founding of the company.  I was thrilled to have downloaded and read a copy of the Aaron Sorkin [...]

Chile Free Trade Agreement

The US Congress is once again considering the stalled Colombia free trade agreement and a new one with South Korea.  President Obama is backing these treaties as do most politicians and economists.  In fact if you [...]