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USA Rejects the Decriminalization of Drugs

Janet Napolitango rejected the proposal from the President of Guatemala, Otto Pérez, to decriminalize drugs during a visit to Central America and Mexico. Napolitano said in a press conference together with the President of Guatemala that the USA [...]

Santiago to Toronto

by Carmen   “What are you reading?” I had just thrown my backpack down on the empty seat between us. One week ago I had said goodbye to the tiny Chilean town where I’d lived and [...]

Blocks of Couverture

by Suvi Mahonen Mid-morning sun angles in through the office window, casting a warm line across the surface of Dr Barker’s desk. It catches the back of his head and shoulders, making the tips of his [...]

Opposition Candidate in Mexico is leading in current poling with 48%

MEXICO DF (Reuters) – The opposition presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto,  of the PRI, is polling at 48% of those who said they are likely to vote in the election in July.  This opinion poll result was [...]

Colombian President Santos and the Decriminalization of Drugs

  Colombia President Juan Manual Santos proposes to “decriminalize drugs, yes if the world agrees.”  This is not the first time that the Colombia leader, one of the country with experience and authorization to talk on [...]

The President of Guatemala Affirms that Legalizing Drugs can Reduce Violence

  The President of Guatemala,  Otto Pérez Molina, has generated a debate over his proposal to legalize drugs which, according to him, would reduce the violence associated with drug trafficking in Latin America.  “I have brought this [...]

The Legalization of Drugs.  A Leap of Faith?   Just hours after announcing his controversial proposal to discuss the legalization of drugs, the president of Guatemala, retired general Otto Perez Molina, was happy and smiling when he received a delegation of senior Colombian police officers in [...]

The Rights of the People

review by Walker Rowe The right of the people to be secure in their person, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable [...]

Leo Tolstoy’s novellas

by Julia Hones Leo Tolstoy’s short stories and novellas reflect the development of his ideas over time. There is an ever-present concern in his work about how to live life. “Living for others” is at the [...]

Sugary Soliloquy, Inspired by My Cookie

by Seraphina Malinche I returned to my city and was reunited with my beloved. We went to the zoo. We drank stolen Manhattans. And then, when the night was almost over, I bought an Alfajoreo from [...]