War on Drugs — 21 February 2012


The President of Guatemala,  Otto Pérez Molina, has generated a debate over his proposal to legalize drugs which, according to him, would reduce the violence associated with drug trafficking in Latin America.  “I have brought this issue back to the table.  I believe it is important that we can have other alternatives and talk about decriminalization, yes I am talk about that and not just the user of drugs.  We need to talk about decriminalization the production of drugs, their transport, and obviously their use, ” said   Pérez Molina in an interview with Patricia Janiot.


The president added that “We need to have an integrated vision.  We cannot talk about any of the individual aspects of the problem without talking about the entirety of the issue.”
Pérez Molina put forth his proposal last Monday in a meeting with the Salvadoran president,  Mauricio Fúnes, and affirmed that the idea should be adopted by all the countries affected by the production, the transportation, and the use of drugs in order to be an effective policy.


Dateline:  18 February 2012

Source:  http://diariocorreo.pe/nota/69590/guatemala-presidente-afirma-que-legalizar-las-drogas-puede-reducir-violencia/



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