War on Drugs — 13 March 2012

Coca leaves were declared a narcotic drug in the United Nations Narcotics Convention of 1961, together with cocaine, heroine, opium, and other drugs

Holding a coca leaf in his hands and with one of the natural products which is made from the coca leaf, the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, said that the producers of coca leaves and not drug traffickers and the consumers are not drug addiction.  He then added that coca and cocaine are not the same.

In this manner, Morales asked in Vienna for the decriminalization of coca leaves.  While in La Paz, Cochabama, and Sant Cruz coca producers got together to chew leaves in order to support the President´s idea while many urban dwellers do have not adopted this practice.

“Regretably, the government defends of what is in its interest.  They need to understand that the Morales continues as the president of the Federation of Coca Production, and they should continue to prioritize the fight against drug trafficking,” said opposition leader in the congress Tomás Monasterios.


Dateline: Vienna, Austria

Translated from:  http://www.eldiario.net/noticias/2012/2012_03/nt120313/principal.php?n=124&-morales-defiende-en-viena-consumo-de-coca-y-en-el-pais-miles-acullica


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