War on Drugs — 03 April 2012

The Summit of the Americas starts in Cartagena, Colombia April 9 while the most serious business of diplomacy will occur on the last two days:  April 14 and April 15.


There are several issues to be discussed.  The most contention issues include the Malvinas-Falklands conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom, the perennial omission of Cuba from this summit at the insistence of the United States, and the war on drugs.


The Colombian newspaper “El Pais” sums it up like this:

“The difficult topics will be the absence of Cuba at the insistence of the USA even though the consensus is there there needs to be a formula under which Cuba can be included, and the failed war on drugs implimented throughout the continent and which despite 40 years duration has not achieve the hoped for results.”


“The President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, has accepted to open the debate, always with an eye to the USA knowing that while a large number of the invited countries have disagreements with the White House no one wants that Barack Obama fails to show up to this important meeting.”

The President of Ecuador says that he will not be attending because Cuba is not invited.


Paraguay says it will present its opposition to the plan of the President of Guatemala to decriminalize the trafficking and use of drugs.  El Terro news in Colombia quoted the Paraguay president as follows:

“One group of people says there must be liberalization, another group says we cannot make happy a group of people who would benefit, and the rest are dying from this disease.”

He adds that those people who are pushing for decriminalization are out of political power and gives their names:  former presidents of Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.




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