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Snow, Ice, and Motorcycles in the Chilean Andes

by Fernando Figueroa Editors Note: Join us as we take you along for a motorcycle journey into the high Andes, traveling from the Chilean side.  When the rider gets to the border, he plants a bottle [...]

Punta Arenas

Chile prides itself at being at the bottom of the world and Punta Arenas prides itself at being at the bottom of Chile.  This region flies the Chilean flag but they also fly the flag of [...]

¿Existe una capa de ozono disminuida sobre Chile?

 (Foto por NASA de la fecha 10/10/2010.) A los chilenos les gusta decir que la capa de ozono se agota en su país. Así que es común decir que el sol es más peligroso aquí que [...]

Quit using that Credit Card Abroad (explained)

Having navigated the banking system in Chile for sometime now I feel confident in explaining it to you. Here is what you need to know to open a banking account in Chile, get a credit card, [...]

Valle Elqui

The tasting room at the Capel Pisco factory is overrun with tourists who have decamped from a cruise ship which is docked at Coquimbo just to the south and within viewing distance of La Serena, Chile. [...]

Cajon de Maipo, Baños Colinas, Baños Morales, Glacier Morales

Just to the South of Santiago, directly east of the community they call “La Florida” the road turns east and heads straight up into the Andes.  One hour climb from the level terrain of the city [...]

The Black Sands of Pichilemu

East of Santiago are the white sand beaches of Viña del Mar. With its music festival and casino Viña is a big city, so if you want to avoid crowds go further north to Quintero. But [...]