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Problems Encountered by the Armchair Sports Fanatic

By Scott Derry Photo by Rufino Uribe The armchair sports fanatic has historically anticipated his young daughter’s birthdays with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. Regardless of their size, the parties held in her honour have included all [...]

How Humor Works

by Richard W. Horton Illustration by Rene Castro   Some information about Brownson, KS in Aug. 1937:  there’s a decent hotel, a fine eating place, and a grassy park next to the court house where you’ll [...]

A Short History of the Latter Part of the 20th Century

by Arthur Levine (thumbnail photo by Kelly B.) 1965 While the rest of the student body at Patton High went nuts over football, my friends and I concerned ourselves with more pressing matters, like nuclear disarmament, [...]

Piano Lessons

by Tobenna Nwosu The music teacher arrived a week after Evan ascended into heaven. She wore damp extensions, Salvation Army clothes, said her name was Hadiza, and twirled in a corner of the grand hall upstairs, [...]

A Killing in Zimbabwe

by Michael M. Pacheco photo by Santiago Medem Lorenzo wasn’t a tourist in Harare, Zimbabwe, but he sure felt like one at the airport. A few commuters whisked in and out of gates, babbling what he [...]

Bechtel in their Dreams

by Adrianne Aron thumnail photo by r. nial bradshaw I hear you, señor. How over and over you keep reaching for something and those guys keep interfering. You try and try, but they keep messing with you, [...]

Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter with Clown Car

by Rachel Lyon thumbnail photo by Charlie Golonkiewicz Editors Note:  This story is the winner of our 2014 South American Short Story Writing Contest.  Congratulations to Rachel.  When I was a kid, summers were longer. I’d [...]

Spanish Fort

by Andrew Jason Valencia thumbnail photo by Beth The Sierra Fin hostel was in its tenth year of operation when Shep arrived one morning to apply for the assistant manager job. The town of Fortaleza Española [...]


by Espido Freire Ttranslated by Toshiya Kamei thumbnail photo by Chiara Caglieri The Italian woman preferred the windows. Some tourists turned their backs to the light, and fixed their gaze on lit candles and the wood-paneled interior [...]

The Indian Office Beauty

by Walker Rowe photo by kaybee07   The alarm rings and Aishwarya opens one eye as her mother calls for her to get out of bed. She dresses quickly, putting on a bright rose coloured sari, [...]