Spanish Fort

by Andrew Jason Valencia thumbnail photo by Beth The Sierra Fin hostel was in its tenth year of operation when Shep arrived one morning to apply for the assistant manager job. The town of Fortaleza Española [...]


by Espido Freire Ttranslated by Toshiya Kamei thumbnail photo by Chiara Caglieri The Italian woman preferred the windows. Some tourists turned their backs to the light, and fixed their gaze on lit candles and the wood-paneled interior [...]

The Indian Office Beauty

by Walker Rowe photo by kaybee07   The alarm rings and Aishwarya opens one eye as her mother calls for her to get out of bed. She dresses quickly, putting on a bright rose coloured sari, [...]

Buryin’ Time

Buryin’ Time  by ppsage thumbnail photo by: Richard Hurd   Just before I flush the pot, I hear the old man out on the porch, carrying on to my kid. The place is the same as [...]


by Gaston Rauch photo by Minoru Nitta, Creative Commons I lean back in my seat and gently unfold my sunglasses, placing them over my eyes. The glare of the Texas sundown, in its orange-purple majesty, seems [...]

Congratulations on Your Brand New Baby Boy

By Dustin B. Angevine illustration by Gab Insiburo Scum; — the sediment beneath the fingernail which is normally accumulated over protracted periods; that which is considered worthless as a material substance or otherwise abnormal; material [...]

The Cherry Picker

by Boone Davis   A knock on the door; a gunshot. Why, exactly, is Francisco Kyese James dead? Good Days and Bad Days On May 29, 2012 at approximately 11:45 A.M. Francisco Kyese James, 29, knocked [...]

Dreamo Americano

 by CK McMahon Tobias screws the top off a Perrier and sits.  In front of him are two empty chairs and a view of New Jersey at sunset that almost makes it look livable. “Ms. Dodd [...]

Noelia and Amparo

by Glendaliz Camacho illustration by Rene Castro Amparo met him on a Friday night when the brothel was resurrected by the women’s laughter – too high pitched to be sincere – tobacco smoke, and dimmed lights [...]

Firs Sawing Against the Sky

by Christopher K. Miller illustration by Carlos Alejandro Guevara   Although there is on record an incident of Alice’s having had to be picked up by her parents and taken home from kindergarten for refusing to [...]