Noah Film Review: No on Noah

by Rick Segreda Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” is such an artistic disaster that one is left praying for an apocalyptic flood to wash away one’s memories of having seen it. Indeed, it is so bad that the [...]

Philomena and The Dallas Buyer’s Club

by Ricardo Segreda Even though it is one of the major social and political issues of our time, AIDS is rarely broached by the studio film industry, except as an occasion for a condom joke. One [...]

12 Years a Slave

by Rick Segreda To my great surprise, “12 Years a Slave” deserves the encomiums it has earned with English-language critics on both sides of the Atlantic. I say “surprise” because 1) unlike many of my colleagues, [...]

The Wolf of Wall Street

by Rick Segreda Movies about high finance have become so common lately that they constitute their own genre. Just within the last few years we’ve seen “Wall Street II”, “Margin Call”, “Arbitrage”, and now comes “The [...]

Blue Jasmine

by Rick Segreda “Blue Jasmine” has been hailed as yet another touchdown in Woody Allen’s late-game renaissance that began in 2006 with “Match Point”. In the latter film, a mouth-piece character philosophized that he would rather [...]

Enough Said

review by Rick Segreda Nicole Holofcener’s “Enough Said” (“Sobren las palabras”) is a magically modest movie. More specifically, its magic is in its modesty in that Holofcener, going against the grain of what is regarded as [...]

The Not-so Good Physician

by Rick Segreda Lucía Puenzo’s “The German Doctor”, based on her novel, is an absorbing yet disturbing entertainment, extremely well-acted, regarding the Nazi doctor’s, Josef Mengele’s, life in exile in South America. Mengele remains the most [...]

Woody Allen: A Documentary

  by  Rick Segreda   “Woody Allen: A Documentary” is an appropriately generic title for a largely generic project, closer to hagiography than biography, that provides a Wikipedia-like overview of the director and his art — [...]

Posti in piedi in paradiso aka Flat for Three

by Rick Segreda “Posti in piedi in paradiso”, a comedy written by, directed by and starring veteran and venerable comic, Carlo Verdone, was a huge hit in its native Italy, and deservedly so; it’s actually funny. [...]


by Rick Segreda   Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” represents one of the few instances in contemporary cinema in which the use of 3D is completely justified — at least for its first half, which represents a virtual [...]