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Suspected Slayer of American Teaching Assistant in Custody as Investigation Continues

By Elizabeth Trovall Chilean police have taken into custody Temuco school security guard Domingo Cofré Ferrada, 44, as the suspected killer of Georgetown College graduate Erica Hagan. Saturday, September 6th the 22-year-old from Kentucky was discovered [...]

Chilean Senators Propose Legalizing Marijuana for Personal Use including Growing the Plant

24 July 2014.  Santiago, Chile Today Senator Isabelle Allende Bussi, who is President of the Chilean Senate, introduced a motion to modify the law in Chile to permit people to grow and use marijuana for personal [...]

Anwer to Valparaiso, Chile Fires: Cut down the Forest

Yesterday a wind-driven fire spread from the forest that surrounds Valparaiso, raced across the fringes of the city, destroyed 500 houses, killed 11 people, and displaced thousands as 3,000 more houses were destroyed. This is not [...]

Venezuela Crisis: The Gringo and Communist point of view

By Walker Rowe I am an American living in Chile. Like other Americans, I was brought up believing that socialism and communism are threats to freedom and democracy. As students, we all read George Orwell’s “Animal [...]

8.2 Earthquake in Chile

Reporting from Santiago, Chile. 23:53 4/01/2014. Earthquake in North of Chile in Pacific Ocean off Iquique 7 foot (2.5 meter) waves (It´s not a wave.  The ocean simply rises that level and stays that way for [...]

What will Argentina do about Drug Trafficking there?

thumbnail photo of Father Gregorio López courtesy of El Univeral  Argentina is debating whether to send the military into the northern part of the country to fight growing drug trafficking violence there.  The Argentine constitution prohibits [...]

Snow, Ice, and Motorcycles in the Chilean Andes

by Fernando Figueroa Editors Note: Join us as we take you along for a motorcycle journey into the high Andes, traveling from the Chilean side.  When the rider gets to the border, he plants a bottle [...]

Piranhas Attack Bathers in Argentina

Translated from La Razon Digital thumbnail photo from Barcelona magazine 70 people, including 7 minors, were attacked by a school of palometas, carnivorous fish from the same family as piranhas, while they bathed in the Parana [...]

Looting in Argentina

You have to see it to believe it.  Last week the municipal police in Argentina throughout the country simply walked off the job.  They wanted a raise.  (Inflation there is reported to be 30%.) What did [...]

Uruguay Legalizes Growing Marijuana. Is Chile Next?

Thumbnail photo of Redwood Kush by felixtsao.   Uruguay legalized growing marijuana yesterday.  That is old news already.  The government there will allow people to grow up to 6 plants or join clubs who can have [...]