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Piano Lessons

by Tobenna Nwosu The music teacher arrived a week after Evan ascended into heaven. She wore damp extensions, Salvation Army clothes, said her name was Hadiza, and twirled in a corner of the grand hall upstairs, [...]

How I Almost Became a Cryptographer

by Chris Miller   The thing I’ve always hated most about school is how you’re force fed answers to questions and solutions to problems you’re either not interested in or, more likely, don’t understand. To this [...]

Interview: Werner Herzog’s Sound and Vision

by Rick Segreda photo courtesy Eric Spitzer-Marlyn Werner Herzog and Eric Spitzer-Marlyn have maintained a fruitful partnership as filmmaker and sound engineer since 1999, when Spitzer-Marlyn engineered the audio for “My Best Enemy”, Herzog’s tribute to [...]

Digital Newspapers in Chile

What newspapers in Chile are available on Android or iOS (i.e. iPhone and iPad) in digital format? The Looming Death of the Chilean Printed Page Chileans invariably scoff when you tell them that printed newspapers and [...]

A Killing in Zimbabwe

by Michael M. Pacheco photo by Santiago Medem Lorenzo wasn’t a tourist in Harare, Zimbabwe, but he sure felt like one at the airport. A few commuters whisked in and out of gates, babbling what he [...]

Chilean Poet Nicanor Parra turns 100

  Today is Nicanor Parra´s 100th birthday. This 5-time Nobel-Prize nominated Chilean poet is not as widely-known in the English-speaking world as in the Spanish-speaking one, where his fame is complete.  This is due, in part, [...]

Chile Education Reform: World Bank says Chile needs better Teachers

(thumbnail photo by Shannon Suetos) The World Bank has weighed in on the topic of elementary education in Chile.  Their report Great Teachers: How to Raise Student Learning in Latin American and Caribbean looks at public grade [...]

University of Santiago Publishes Detailed Inventory of Santiago Air Pollution

The University of Santiago (USACH) Department of Physics, has completed a report on the sources of air pollution in the Santiago metropolitan region.  The report was commission by the Ministry of the Environment. Dr. Ernesto Gramsch [...]

Chilean Senators Propose Legalizing Marijuana for Personal Use including Growing the Plant

24 July 2014.  Santiago, Chile Today Senator Isabelle Allende Bussi, who is President of the Chilean Senate, introduced a motion to modify the law in Chile to permit people to grow and use marijuana for personal [...]

Chinese President Wraps up BRICs Summit

24 July 2014.  Santiago, Chile thumbnail photo:  Presidents Xi Jinping and Dilma Rousseff congratulate BYD’s chairman Wang Chuanfu on signing an agreement to build a plant to produce electric batteries in Brazil. Chinese President Xi Jinping left [...]