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Falconar’s Flautist

by Cathy Bryant photo by DonKeyHotey   I heard it in the night, abroad – a single ringing note, purer than the usual breathy lisp of flutes. It was a leaping new music, a clapperless yet sounding [...]

How Humor Works

by Richard W. Horton Illustration by Rene Castro   Some information about Brownson, KS in Aug. 1937:  there’s a decent hotel, a fine eating place, and a grassy park next to the court house where you’ll [...]

Internet Security For Your Mom

People get hacked every day.  So here are some tips to avoiding being a victim.  Please share this link with your family and friends and especially your aged parents.  We are writing this as simple as possible, [...]

Casa Romero and Pinot Noir in the Casablanca Valley

By Walker Rowe In Burgundy, pinot noir is simply called “Burgundy,” because the French system regulates what can be grown where.  If it seems a bit draconian to tell a farmer what he can and cannot [...]

Survey Shows Crime is up in Chile

thumbnail photo by Geraint Rowland 31 October 2014.  Santiago, Chile. Paz Cuidana and GFK Admimark have released a survey of crime in Santiago. The survey sampled 7,720 households. In the Greater Santiago region, 45.6% of families had at [...]

Amidst Inequality, Chile Inches Towards Closing the Gender Gap

by Elizabeth Trovall thumbnail photo by Francisco Osoro In efforts to measure and track gender inequality across the globe, the World Economic Forum released its annual study that measures the gender gap in 142 countries around [...]

Film Review: Gone Girl

by Rick Segreda   “Gone Girl” has emerged not only as a very big box office hit, but as the most massively misogynist movie from Hollywood since “Fatal Attraction”. That a woman, Gillian Flynn, not only [...]

Former Providencia Mayor and Pinochet Aide Arrested

Thumbnail photo University of Chile Radio 21 Oct 2014. Former Providencia mayor and General Pinochet aide Cristian Labbé detained was detained yesterday. The former member of Pinochet’s feared DINA intelligence service had been mayor of the [...]

Piano Lessons

by Tobenna Nwosu The music teacher arrived a week after Evan ascended into heaven. She wore damp extensions, Salvation Army clothes, said her name was Hadiza, and twirled in a corner of the grand hall upstairs, [...]

How I Almost Became a Cryptographer

by Chris Miller   The thing I’ve always hated most about school is how you’re force fed answers to questions and solutions to problems you’re either not interested in or, more likely, don’t understand. To this [...]