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Chinese President Wraps up BRICs Summit

24 July 2014.  Santiago, Chile thumbnail photo:  Presidents Xi Jinping and Dilma Rousseff congratulate BYD’s chairman Wang Chuanfu on signing an agreement to build a plant to produce electric batteries in Brazil. Chinese President Xi Jinping left [...]

A Tribute to Tom Tykwer

by Rick Segreda Born in 1965, Tom Tykwer has emerged as the most prominent German director since Rainer Werner Fassbinder.  His international success from 1998, “Run, Lola, Run”, heralded the arrival of a passionate and original [...]

Absent Friends

by Jude Marr photo by Daniel Horacio Agostini Copyright 2010 Creative Commons   easy for me to leave with lines unsaid—   leave a loaned key brass-bold on a nightstand with a note that explains nothing   leave on [...]

Santiago Ballet’s Giselle:  A Fitting Homage to the Late Ivan Nagy

by  Kelly Acheson photos by Patricio Melo The Santiago Ballet, under the direction of Marcia Haydée, presents Giselle at the Teatro Municipal de Santiago from June 18th through June 21st.  Set to the music of Adolphe [...]

The Fiery Passion of Spanish Flamenco Comes to Santiago’s Teatro Municipal de Las Condes

by Kelly Acheson  The Antonio Gades Company, Spain’s premier flamenco troupe, brings Bodas de Sangre y Suite Flamenca to life at Santiago’s Teatro Municipal de las Condes from May 9th through the 18th.   The performance, divided [...]

Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter with Clown Car

by Rachel Lyon thumbnail photo by Charlie Golonkiewicz Editors Note:  This story is the winner of our 2014 South American Short Story Writing Contest.  Congratulations to Rachel.  When I was a kid, summers were longer. I’d [...]

In Certain Matters of the Heart

by Donal Mahoney thumbnail photo by Gail It’s a matter of the heart, the doctor says, and he can fix it with catheter ablation. “It works miracles,” he says, “in certain matters of the heart.” He’s [...]

Chewing Coca Leaves in San Pedro de Atacama

By Walker Rowe The author takes us on a tour of San Pedro de Atacama and explains how to chew coca leaves to prevent altitude sickness. I am writing this article sitting next to the pool [...]

The Wolf of Wall Street

by Rick Segreda Movies about high finance have become so common lately that they constitute their own genre. Just within the last few years we’ve seen “Wall Street II”, “Margin Call”, “Arbitrage”, and now comes “The [...]


por Ana Merino foto Alaskan Dude Cuando no quiero volver me detengo. He pensado en cómo ser y no soy capaz de ser yo sin disfrazarme. Pero nadie me recuerda y en mi tristeza se olvidan [...]