Venezuela Crisis: The Gringo and Communist point of view

By Walker Rowe I am an American living in Chile. Like other Americans, I was brought up believing that socialism and communism are threats to freedom and democracy. As students, we all read George Orwell’s “Animal [...]

In Certain Matters of the Heart

by Donal Mahoney thumbnail photo by Gail It’s a matter of the heart, the doctor says, and he can fix it with catheter ablation. “It works miracles,” he says, “in certain matters of the heart.” He’s [...]

8.2 Earthquake in Chile

Reporting from Santiago, Chile. 23:53 4/01/2014. Earthquake in North of Chile in Pacific Ocean off Iquique 7 foot (2.5 meter) waves (It´s not a wave.  The ocean simply rises that level and stays that way for [...]

Chewing Coca Leaves in San Pedro de Atacama

By Walker Rowe The author takes us on a tour of San Pedro de Atacama and explains how to chew coca leaves to prevent altitude sickness. I am writing this article sitting next to the pool [...]

The Wolf of Wall Street

by Rick Segreda Movies about high finance have become so common lately that they constitute their own genre. Just within the last few years we’ve seen “Wall Street II”, “Margin Call”, “Arbitrage”, and now comes “The [...]


por Ana Merino foto Alaskan Dude Cuando no quiero volver me detengo. He pensado en cómo ser y no soy capaz de ser yo sin disfrazarme. Pero nadie me recuerda y en mi tristeza se olvidan [...]

Snow, Ice, and Motorcycles in the Chilean Andes

by Fernando Figueroa Editors Note: Join us as we take you along for a motorcycle journey into the high Andes, traveling from the Chilean side.  When the rider gets to the border, he plants a bottle [...]

Uruguay Legalizes Growing Marijuana. Is Chile Next?

Thumbnail photo of Redwood Kush by felixtsao.   Uruguay legalized growing marijuana yesterday.  That is old news already.  The government there will allow people to grow up to 6 plants or join clubs who can have [...]

Colombian FARC Peace Talks: Cocaine on the Agenda

Thumbnail photo:  Equino Xio The FARC guerrillas and the government of Colombia have made genuine progress in their peace talks in Havana, Cuba.  The first two issues on their short, albeit difficult, list have been resolved.  [...]


by Gaston Rauch photo by Minoru Nitta, Creative Commons I lean back in my seat and gently unfold my sunglasses, placing them over my eyes. The glare of the Texas sundown, in its orange-purple majesty, seems [...]