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Update on the Summit of the Americas

The Summit of the Americas starts in Cartagena, Colombia April 9 while the most serious business of diplomacy will occur on the last two days:  April 14 and April 15.   There are several issues to [...]

Central American Drug Summit Proposes charging the USA for Confiscated Drugs

The open opposition of the USA to the proposal from the President of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina, who suggested the decriminalization of drugs as an alternative to unleashing the military on the drug mafias as proposed [...]

Perez Molina Ask the Region to Discuss Decriminalizing Drugs without Myths or Taboos

The President of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina, today dared regional governments to toss off the myths and taboos of the subject and consider the debate of decriminalization of drugs solo as “a proposal”. “In order to [...]

Morales defends consumption of coca leaves in Vienna

Coca leaves were declared a narcotic drug in the United Nations Narcotics Convention of 1961, together with cocaine, heroine, opium, and other drugs Holding a coca leaf in his hands and with one of the natural [...]

Colombian President welcomes new US position over drugs

The Colombian President, Juam Manuel Santos, welcomed the position expressed by the USA regarding the debate over the war on drugs at the upcoming Summit of the Americas in Cartegana, Colombia on April 14 and 15. [...]

Central American nations agree to debate legalizing drugs

Leaders of central American nations agreed to debate alternatives to fight drug trafficking given in the proposal to decriminalize drug trafficking put forth by Guatemala. This coincided with a visit to the region by US Vice [...]

British Parliament on the Guatemala Plan

The British Parliament today showed support to the idea of the Guatemala president, Otto Pérez Molina, to open up an international dialogue to discuss the eventual decriminization of drugs. The British Parliament’s Group Drug Policy group [...]

The Marijuana Policy Project on Political Events in Latin America

By Morgan Fox   The Mexican election will certainly be an interesting one in terms of the drug war. While Calderon’s initial cry of all out war against the cartels was extremely popular when it began [...]

USA Rejects the Decriminalization of Drugs

Janet Napolitango rejected the proposal from the President of Guatemala, Otto Pérez, to decriminalize drugs during a visit to Central America and Mexico. Napolitano said in a press conference together with the President of Guatemala that the USA [...]

Opposition Candidate in Mexico is leading in current poling with 48%

MEXICO DF (Reuters) – The opposition presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto,  of the PRI, is polling at 48% of those who said they are likely to vote in the election in July.  This opinion poll result was [...]